Infografía subjetiva-Desvisualización de datos / Subjective infographics-Data desvisualizatión
Difusión editorial

Difusión en espacios expositivos

Infografía periodística
¿Quién es Jaime Serra?/ Who is Jaime Serra?

La Oficina

'My city'
Nineteen residents of Latin America’s capitals and big cities were asked to draw “their” city on a map, how long they have lived in it, and to choose an exact colour they identified with it. They were also asked to evaluate their appreciation for that vital/living space on a scale from 0 to 6 (zero meaning ‘none’ and six ‘unconditional’)
All the maps are on the same geographic scale

La Havana, Cuba

Lima, Perú

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Experiential Map of Latin America
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Havana, Cuba
Digital silk screen printing on Schoeller paper
50 cm x 70 cm

Visible Cities
Metropolitan Cultural Center
Quito, Ecuador
October 15, 2016 - March 28, 2017
Within the framework of Habitat III, United Nations

Editorial adaptations
Visible Cities, 21 dispatches from Latin America
360 pages
Editors of Quito Mayor's Office
Sixteen page chapter