Infografía subjetiva-Desvisualización de datos / Subjective infographics-Data desvisualizatión
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Infografía periodística
¿Quién es Jaime Serra?/ Who is Jaime Serra?

La Oficina

'An ex-friend'
Journey of a cigarette addiction
The journey through the USA takes place over forty-two days, from Hibbing, on the border with Canda, to New Orleans, at the extreme south of the country.
Each one of the 729 burns made on the map corresponds to a smoked cigarette.
Localization was made via GPS, so is very approximate.
The journey was planned as a farewell, with the idea of quitting tobacco consumption at the end of it, an aspect that couldn’t be fulfilled.

Operated map framed in aluminum box
Dimensions 50 cms x 77 cms x 4,5 cms

Direct printing on dibond
Dimensions 91.45 cm x 140 cm

Work process
Three impressions in lightweight carton Dimensions DinA4

Exposition. Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelona. March 2013

More about this work (spanish)
Adaptation in editorial format and publications
'La Vanguardia' June 27, 2010
Book-Object 'A Sunday paradox'. March 2012
'A Sunday paradox'. Malofiej 18. March 2012
'Selected Europe 16'. December 2016