Infografía subjetiva-Desvisualización de datos / Subjective infographics-Data desvisualizatión
Difusión editorial

Difusión en espacios expositivos

Infografía periodística
¿Quién es Jaime Serra?/ Who is Jaime Serra?

La Oficina

Dorme bem, perdiçao...
Over fifty-two days, a photographic record was taken of the SMS messages that a woman sent to a man with whom she had a sentimental relationship. They were both traveling separately, and this was their main way of staying in contact.

Back light
Composed of 50 mobile phone screens
Dimensions 94,63 cms x 84,95 x 2,5 cms

Played on a mobile phone with features similar to the original
Duration 22’25”

Work process
Six DinA4 reproductions in lightweight cardboard
A framed photograph of 26 cms x 19 cms

Back light

Work process


Exposition. Arts Santa Mònica. Barcelona. March 2013
During the show the video was also projected in large format on the facade of the center, visible from La Rambla, one of the busiest avenues in the city

More (spanish):

Editorial adaptation as opinion column for La Vanguardia. Spain. February 6, 2011
Editorial adaptation for the weekly Courrier International. Paper. Web. France. March 2013
Adaptation in poster format for the exhibition Big Bang Data. CCCB, Barcelona, Spain. 2014
Book-Object 'A Sunday paradox'. March 2012
Report in the book 'Non information art'. March 2013