Infografía subjetiva-Desvisualización de datos / Subjective infographics-Data desvisualizatión
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¿Quién es Jaime Serra?/ Who is Jaime Serra?

La Oficina

What I experienced and what happened
(A cartography of Buenos Aires from 1998 to 2015)

Mixed technique. 1998-2015
340 x 80 cm

What I experienced
During two and a half years since the end of 1998, I developed an experiential map on the wall of my bathroom, at my study on Trellers Street in the Caballito neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. A cartographic diary where I recorded the events I considered relevant using codes of colours and shapes. When I left the city in June 2001, I made a photographic record that, with the move, got lost in the bottom of a box. For the next fourteen years, I forgot about the cartography where a large part of what I experienced in Buenos Aires was recorded.

What happened
Starting from the fact that record of experiences once existed, I built, fourteen years later, a cartography of memories. During April and May of 2015, I forced myself to remember and to annotate a map of Buenos Aires. Only after relieving myself of these memories, did I recover the experiential map to be able to draw a cartography of memories using the same graphic codes.

What I experienced 

What happened

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Editorial adaptations
Cultura's, January 9, 
Courrier International, September 21, 2015